Customizable, Plug-and-Play Gas Detection Systems


RH200 Dew Point Generator

The Model RH-200 RH Generator is a fully automated, compact and portable bench-top instrument which easily and quickly interfaces with other laboratory systems to provide a specified constant flow of gas at a precision-controlled relative humidity.

Features/Specifications of the RH-200

  • Integrates with laboratory instruments such as X-ray diffractometers, TGA, TMA, DMA and calorimeters and also with glove boxes, environmental chambers and more
  • Relative humidity range from 2% to 98% with precision-controlled accuracy of RH to ±1.0%
  • Flow rates up to 500 sccm are standard with optional ranges available up to 5 liters/min
  • Provides gas stream with controlled RH and flow for desired temperature from ambient to 50°C at the target instrument
  • Compact design with 8” wide x 14” deep footprint
  • Customizable options are available to meet a broad range of applications – see reverse side

Instrument Details

  • Two precision mass flow controllers regulate the flow of dry air and saturated air
  • Dew Point Analyzer provides stable, accurate RH measurement
  • Thermo stated enclosure within the RH-200 holds key components at desired constant temperature from ambient to 50 C
  • All connections are 1/4” (6 mm) Swagelok fittings
  • External automatic water reservoir uses gravity-fed technique and has no moving parts
  • RH-200 has a footprint of 8” wide x 14” deep with height of 14”
  • Additional space is required for optional computer. Complete facilities and utilities requirements are Provided with the instrument

Software/Computer Details

  • Roscid provides complete software with capabilities for user defined protocols including step variants in both temperature and relative humidity
  • Lab Windows USB software from National Instruments with on-line graphics. Software is compatible with Windows 7, 32 and 64-bit versions
  • An Roscid-supplied computer is available as an option


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